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  1. I have good intentions about eating a healthy diet but I never stick with it, I always end up eating too much junk although I very rarely eat chocolate these days which is good as I used to be quite a chhccoolio.

  2. suntem suflete care au uitat ca sunt tarana, sub bronz de spa si tinichele cautam fericirea in orice si nu o mai gasim in nimic.Ne mintim ca nu exista Dumnezeu, nu avem nevoie de El, ca suntem ”liberi” si putem face ”orice” , dar suntem morti vii, cadavre ambulante pe strada si pretindem sa oferim standarde de viata…fara Dumnezeu viu in noi, ne indreptam spre nicaieri.

  3. POSTED February 29, 2008 at 6:42 amRevan, Bonnie: I will have to look into making half-sized sheets. How are you making them into booklets? That will help me plan it out.Robin: Hm, tricky question…the printer driver doesn’t let you do it! I might just do it the old-school way: print out a bunch of single-sided ETPs, then re-feed them into the printer with the blank side up and print again. Try it with a single sheet first to figure out the right way to flip it…there are at least 3 ways out of 4 to mess up!

  4. francesco p scrive:Purtroppo la forma è in commercio… la sostanza è di nicchia e quasi introvabile…la sostanza è dei pensatori,io cerco di apprenderne un po’da quelli notturni, che trovi camminare di notte avanti e dietro, per quei 25 metri quadrati di bianco sporco, che è diventato il paese…la sostanza è come il vino buono, devi girare molto prima di trovare il contadino che fa fermentare il mosto da solo, senza additivi….Michele se il mio contadino di fiducia, se il mio aglianico d.o.c.g.ciao

  5. A lot of children will miss the opportunity of hearing a President speak specifically to them. I somehow think that the right stirred up the controversy along with Van Jones to keep cover for Beck & company. I think so many are buying into crap that Obama is a sleeper candidate. For whom, it is hard to tell; Al Queada, Lenin and Trotsky, Hitler and Goering, or Chairman Mau. It is easier to think that, than to admit they are not ready for a black man to be POTUS.

  6. : En effet, des solutions de ce type existent et je ferai bientôt un article sur les meilleurs sites offrant ce service.L’inconvénient du site que tu cites est que les pièces en ventes sont plus orientés collectionneurs et les prix sont légèrement supérieur a ebay.

  7. they brought these for us to look at cross country camp and the sole inside is super hard and the offset is too much for me. Upper is cool but they just need to make it a 0mm drop

  8. There a was an article recently, that explained the rise in Islamic conversions in Mexico and among Mexican immigrant groups in the US, because they are seeking "to get in touch with their ancestry," apparently going back to the Moorish invasion of Spain. Only thing I can say to that is "SANTIAGO!"

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  11. This doesn’t use a complicated system. That was rough. In this respect, “Honesty is the best policy.” I have tried that for myself and found what do men want in a woman marriage to work

  12. Tusinde tak for dit svar. Jeg er nu snart færdig med dag 2 og jeg ELSKER både linser og bønner! Da jeg har meget brug for kalk, på grund af svage tænder, er det vel ok at erstatte mælken med kalk piller med vitamin D, ikke?

  13. It’s my understanding the Wood Stork is still on the “Endangered” list for Florida. A homebuilder’s association brought suit against the state to have them downgraded to “Threatened” earlier this year but I don’t know the outcome of that suit. Welcome back!

  14. These are definitely the good basics you should know when starting a blog. I didn't really know any of this and my personal blog is a year old and still has no PR. But lately I've been writing more and just making the content as original and full of keywords as possible. It's a tough game, and definitely takes time. You have to be patient and not focus on the outcome, but rather the day-to-day stuff that's involved. After all, a blog should be fun.

  15. “and sex is the most powerful force, it is the process that created you.” If we are to encourage this type of behavior, would it not be the end to civilization, the process that created us. Can two men or two women have a baby?Should a child not have the right to have 2 parents – father and mother? What about the child’s rights?

  16. li ho presi in un minimarket che vende solo prodotti orientali a Torino, si chiama Oriental Market.Se dove abiti c'è un quartiere molto popolato da persone di origine cinese è probabile che ne troverai uno simile.

  17. Oh my God, that would be my idea of hell! I’d wedge myself in and never get out again! I’d be stuck there for life just going around and around on what looks like a bloody school chair stuck in a trailer. You’re my hero!

  18. I’m really loving the theme/design of your site. Do you ever run into any internet browser compatibility problems? A number of my blog visitors have complained about my blog not operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Safari. Do you have any recommendations to help fix this problem?

  19. bah, tá louco… eu vendo o jogo do Cruzeiro no Sportv2 e eles passaram metade do jogo com a tela dividida mostrando o jogo do Corinthians, que já estava sendo transmitido pelo Sportv, pela Band e pela Globo. Isso sem falar no aquecimento do gordo, atrapalhando a transmissão dos jogos do Rondonópolis e do Táchira.Isso foi o mais ridículo, junto com o fato de não terem passado Sport x Liga pra cá. Tudo pra ficar com o mesmo jogo que band, globo e espn brasil passaram ao mesmo tempo. Ridículo.

  20. YikesI have to agree about the moving chaos. I haven’t moved within the last 10 years but before that, several times. I look forward to moving in the near future when we find a house but dread the actual process. We never used a service, always just us and a relative or two. Not sure if a service would cut down on the stress or just add to it.

  21. I totally agree ** he was a great help and theologian when I was growing up in Forest Hills, when my Mother passed away and when my Aunt passed away,,, and when my husband passed away ~ he never made me want to leave the church, and well I would like to say I can’t believe he was actually doing anything that terrible,, look at what our MEDIA does ,, it’s a joke !!Facts should be stated and let’s hear the Bishop on this ! His followers at OLQM are so stuck in the mud,, I don’t go to Mass there any longer ** !!!!

  22. sắp đến mùa Halloween rùi, Blue tìm vài trái pumpkin cho trước nhà hay phòng cũng được. Cảnh ở Vermont rất là yên và nhẹ, làm con người quên hết stress và mệt ở đô thị. Năm nay bắt đầu mùa thu ở Vermont, Virginia/DC thì đến cuối tháng mới có thu.

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  25. The narcassist and a celebrity deperate. we can theory her story…picked adult by tiny time indication embankment crashing large LA party…relationship lasted while there was tiny common language..then his English got good and misfortune fears confirmed…another wannabe after a sugarine mummy….sugar ma didn’t buy feign adore struck child act… so l’m offered my story so l can get something out of her coz l’m so riddled with annoy and jealousy! The categorical talent KP has is bouncing behind to continue a saga!

  26. 1) I’ve totally been about being an “equalist” for years. Or would it be “equalitist?”2) There *are* , in reaction to feminism.3) There’s nothing wrong with staying at home to raise children, being equal is about having the *choice* between doing that or pursuing a career. And men should be allowed the same choice.

  27. Mainer…  age dis­crim­i­na­tion in the work place.Excel­lent point! This is a civil rights issue too, and one that doesn’t get nearly enough attention.No coun­try can afford for long to ignore its wis­est, best-​​trained, most expe­ri­enced peo­ple just because of an absurd national fetish with youth and beauty.

  28. பாப்பாà®° டோண்டுவுà®®் அவனுக்கு பல்லக்கு தூக்குà®®் அடிவருடிகளுà®®் அல்லகைகளுà®®் இருக்குà®®்வரை தமிà®´் இணையத்துக்கு விடிவுகாலம் இல்லை. தமிà®´ிணைய பெà®°ியாà®°் à®’à®°ுவர் தோன்றவேண்டிய அவசியம் ஏற்பட்டிà®°ுக்கிறது.

  29. that they were done inside an area called “Mount Laemmle”, but that’s the only mention I ever found of a Mount Laemmle so I don’t know how accurate it is.If you mean scenes like where the Phantom is playing his organ and where he gets unmasked, Michael Blake mentioned in his Chaney bio that they were shot on the same stage as the opera scenes, so on Stage 28. But I’m not absolutely sure on any of it! It IS really confusing, as I’m sure you’ve discovered.

  30. hallo Marion, wat een heerlijk stukje weer om te lezen.Ik kreeg meteen zin aan aardbeien siroop en vlier siroop. Maar ik heb een vraagje. Als je de siroop in de flessen hebt, ga je die dan nog wecken? Zoja hoe lang ?Ik heb de aardbeiensiroop voor de zekerheid maar ff in de ketel gehad, 20 minuten op 80 graden. De vlier is nog niet klaar, die staat lekker te worden.groetjes Astrid.

  31. Houlà, j’ai été pris de court avec le nombre de posts. Je ne parlais pas d’esthétique quand je comparais les Rougon-Macquart aux poèmes rimbaldiens. J’estime que ces deux types d’œuvres sont beaux. Du coup, il n’y avait pas de comparaison en termes esthétique. Je disais juste que la difficulté nécessaire pour acquérir la matière première conjuguée à celle pour la saisir, la retranscrire, en comprendre les tenants et les aboutissants parfaitement mais qu’il me semble illégitime de dire qu’ »un poème de Rimbaud brille plus que l’intégrale des Rougon-Macquart ».

  32. To Seijun,Currently, only a posterior part of the skull and a lower jaw (a dentary) have been described.A nearly complete disarticulated skull is known but not yet described. The head of Ampelosaurus is rather similar to the head of Rapetosaurus (but of course with some differences) from Madagascar rather than the shape of the head of the illustration from wikipedia. And contrary to what is shown in older reconstructions, the upper and lower jaws of Ampelosaurus aren’t quadrangular. Greetings from France !

  33. erk. pasal status duda pun nak kecoh. apa yg pelik dan salah kahwin duda?jangan duda teruk dan perangai tah ape2 dah la.duda pernah nikah ada, duda tak pernah nikah ada, bujang separuh teruna akibat tengok video tk senonoh ada, teruna 98.9% ada. Pilih saja mana berkenan.Well-loved.

  34. Denne ‘ model’ mÃ¥ jeg prøve – jeg mangler 20 kg efter min graviditet!:-(Jeg starter sgu i morgen- har lige et par spørgsmÃ¥l: Bønner: mÃ¥ det være Chile bønner pÃ¥ dÃ¥se? Og er det rigtig forstÃ¥et at jeg mÃ¥ spise Hytteost? Mange hilsner Maria

  35. it was in response to Seinfelds rant on Larry King when Larry King wanted to confirm if it was cancelled or not. I don’t think he was serious tho cuz he’s always an ass when he goes on Larry King

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  37. Glad you made it back home. When I was decorating for Christmas I (stupidly) allowed my girl to play with a glass snow globe. She carried it around so nicely and it occupied her so I could get things done. Oh yea, until she dropped it on the tile and it shattered into a thousand pieces beneath her feet that is. Luckily no one was hurt by this mama’s stupidity. I love the clerk for his nonchalant attitude.

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  39. “one more thing…..you american blacks are so effing sensitive its enough to make one puke in disgust. next you know you’ll be banning blacks from reading jane godall..” Where exactly in South Aftica are you commenting from? And I thought Apartheid ended there ahwile ago.Granny, I would take you up on that offer, but I am sure you have enough problems in your life.:) And thanks for the imagery of Frank. I am betting it’s close to being accurate.

  40. I had two emails concerning my videos, What I'm fustrated greatly about is that I emphasize that the artist(s) were owners of that song(s), but it didn't seem enough, now whoever marked dispute claims now have access to the number of viewers I get, or add advertisements on the video. I hate to say it but Youtube isn't that kind of place it use to be… Read the comments, if you REALLY care about what the users think…

  41. دوباره سلام.من کارهایی که گفته بودید رو انجام دادم ولی بازم نتیجه نگرفتم.مثل آلتر و تکنو ۴d1 هم فایل steam مخصوص نداره ؟ شاید اشکال از اون باشه.

  42. Hola a todas!!Yo al principio compraba mucho papel, pero ultimamente me ha dado por comprar sellos.Sin el bone folder y sin una buena guillotina que tenga una regla de hasta 30 cm o 12 inches no se puede escrapear comodamente.Mi herramienta imprescindible es la crop-a-dile, es la todo terreno para hacer agujeros sobre todo tipo de material.Hasta pronto,Rosana

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  44. Emma, I know exactly what you mean. I’m the type of gal who NEEDS reasons and answers and it’s so tough not having them sometimes. Usually I can trace my mood back to something, whether it’s an event, a medication, or a poor night’s sleep. But those rare times when I just can’t put my finger on it can be excruciatingly frustrating. So glad the monster released its grip- oh, the power of writing:)

  45. 1. You beat us, fair and square. I will not, and have never, “snivelled”.2. The CORRECT spelling is F-A-V-R-E. The PHONETIC Spelling is F-A-R-V-E. The way most Bear fans spell it is… is… oh, that’s right, most Bear fans can’t even spell.3. Packers – 1996. Close in ’97. Bears – 1986. Haven’t sniffed it since. I rest my case.

  46. Great article Walt! Love the photo! Keep up with your project. I really enjoy reading your progress. It is the sort of thing that is amazing what one family could do. You wowd me with you all building your house and now youre building your own butcher shop. Amazing!! What next?

  47. The idea of dividing the total cost of a police force by the number of arrests is actually a methodology used by the ONDCP in an effort to highlight how expensive a particular drug is to society. While I agree that we would never see a full return because many law enforcement would remain employed, the calculation itself still stands.

  48. No, ono i mezi extrapragmatiky z ODS se najdou zajímavé případy. Například pan Pavel Bém co se s lámou modlil za úspěch expedice na Mt Everest, kde nám za hlas právě věnoval kus ze svých čtyřech let. A po návratu našel čas i na modlitby karmapy Thaje Dordže v T-Mobile Aréně. I když z druhé strany, náboženství je věc každého a tyto exotické z našeho pohledu věci jsou mi u politiků například výrazně sympatičtější než velmi tvrdý katolický monolit v sousedním Polsku.

  49. Hi Jen. We’ve been looking at “designing” the best education system for our 4 and 5 year olds. We’re location independent and have no intention of sending our kids to any state run schooling system and locking them in a room for hours on end to educate them about the world outside of those same walls. Insane really.Anyway I’d love to know what your top Bits of education you would recommend. Basically we’re looking at piecing together something. I’m aware that the maths taught in Singapore is the best in the world so are looking at utilizing some of that. PS. Love your philosophy. We’re certainly kindrid spirits.

  50. OMG!! CLASSIC SONIC UNCURLS FROM A RAMP!! OMG!! CLASSIC SONIC IS PLAYING LIKE THE SUCKY SONIC 4!!. . . . Getover ityoubloodyselfishfanboys.Quite honestly I really like where the game is going regardless, and I’m looking much forward to it. ^_^

  51. Football brings out the nastiness in anyone. English people get pretty racist about black players for instance.Anyway, I’ve witnessed Turks turn over tables because maps mark KURDISTAN. Their “pride” ridiculous. If a person dares to mention Kurdish heritage or speak Kurdish out loud, they can be jailed indefinitely. Don’t even get me started on facebook groups demand Kurds be classified with monkeys. Have a great trip!

  52. potrà mai comprendere… fintanto che rimarrà barricata nell’oscurità egoistica del suo IO perfetto, razionalista e autocompiacente.”Domanda semplice: “Lei come fa a comprendere senza razionalità “?Frustandosi col cilicio comprende meglio ? O aspirando l’incenso in sacrestia ?

  53. Hello – I must say, I’m impressed with your site. I had no trouble navigating through all the tabs and information was very easy to access. I found what I wanted in no time at all. Pretty awesome. Would appreciate it if you add forums or something, it would be a perfect way for your clients to interact. Great job

  54. it’s so unbelievably frustrating, isn’t it! argh. sometimes I think ignorance is bliss because I can’t stop reading articles and books on this subject. I’ve watched all the documentaries. And I love my Green Bean delivery. But I also have to eat out more than most since I’m constantly on the road. I have my tricks but sometimes it’s just impossible.

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  56. LOL just seen your pic of the 2008 sail and got me confused there! So it is actually you who caused the time warp! over here counting down (3 hours to go).And about the planet being/getting fucked up, absolutely right. People are strange. I guess we’re just in it for the ride, so let’s enjoy it. But please also use your blog in making people aware (because I think there are heaps of people a board that haven’t a clue)

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  58. On thing you have to remember about TAM is the sponsors, James Randi Educational Foundation, use it as a fundraising tool more than an educational gathering. So they’re not about to lower their prices if they don’t have to.

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  60. Somehow Metallica has not stood time as well as say AC/DC. That first album is the best, though. And I like a lot Kirk Hammet`s guitar playing (he also has some black blood in him). Technicality is not IMO the point in rock/metal and I never liked Progressive Rock.What was really good about 80`s is that it had it`s own style no matter how ugly it was:) Also TV shows and movies had better music. Now they seem to compose very little new music to them.

  61. Great site you have here but I was curious about if you knew of any user discussion forums that cover the same topics discussed here? I’d really love to be a part of online community where I can get feed-back from other experienced individuals that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Many thanks!

  62. Colin MacGillivray,That’s an interesting idea, I can see the politicians game there 😉 Not saying it’s wrong-headed, but that there is a game afoot!Perhaps it’s not that unlike when someone asks a dissenter on a science topic what evidence would make them shift their view. They’re not directly opposing the person’s view, but asking what the person would want to move their position.

  63. It seems that, in any case, the evacuation operations -led by the company- have been widely criticised as slow and uncoordinated. Maybe the whole company has coordination issues regarding its procedures, which include reprimands…Thank you very much for your comment Carl.

  64. Åja! Det er deilig! Håper forventningen blir oppfylt! Flott bilde! Så godt at sjokoladedagen kom så fort! Uansett, det er IKKE vanskelig å la være! Det erfarte jeg i fjor,da det var mitt forsett! Jeg klarte det, med godt resultat! Lykke til med alt du foretar deg i det nye året! -Margit-

  65. 271re “Customer Lock-In / Switching Costs” – I’ve thought about this in the context of my own use of facebook – which has declined dramatically over the past year. Thing is – to use other social networks more, there is no requirement to leave facebook – usage can easily drop off to the point where it is an alternative to email (get a notification, read, respond, done).Facebook seems to be teaching the masses how to use social networks in the same way AOL taught the masses how to use the internet.Your posts are always awesome Bill – thanks!11d

  66. What I want to know is how the heck did you hollow out that bread so perfectly. This does sound good, I don't think it needs the bacon. I'm going to have to keep this idea on my short list. Hope you have a great weekend.-Gina-

  67. What a beautiful place!…Can’t think of a better environment to unplug. I like your definition…NO INTERNET…NO TV…sometimes I think people mistake unplugging with just vegging out in front of something that does not require any active thought processes. Thanks Phil!Dr. Robert Fenell

  68. Woah! I’m really loving the template/theme of this site. It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s tough to get that “perfect balance” between usability and appearance. I must say you have done a excellent job with this. Also, the blog loads extremely quick for me on Internet explorer. Excellent Blog!

  69. Stranisimo come le recensioni su questo film si spezzino tra chi lo ha apprezzato e chi proprio ne parla come di immondizia su celluloide (ok, su byte ormai).Di catastrofi e virus ne ho un po' piene le tasche per cui non lo vedrò al cinema, magari attendo di trovarlo "in giro".

  70. Juu… luin kaupassa moisen tuotteen selostetta ja jäin miettimään, että kun se on niin mahdottoman luonnonmukainen eikä siitä ole millekään elolliselle haittaa, niin kuinka se sitten niitä hyttysiä haittaa? Onko hyönteiset elottomia?

  71. Si ce n’était qu’à mon égard!Et plus d’un pensera que s’y trouve quelque excès.Nous noterons tous que, pour vous, l’emploi du mot « urine » est « toxique », « faussement scientifique », « médical » et « parfaitement [sic]fascisant ».Merci pour cette brève évocation d’une tasse; chacun sa petite madeleine.

  72. Brian, I appreciate the thoughtfulness you put into this and the fact that you focus on root cause. While there may be more root causes you sure have hit some major ones in my experience. The most important take away is that we need to look beyond the symptoms in all cases. Too often it is easy to get caught up in ‘resolving’ the problem rather than elucidating the cause and eliminating it.

  73. oau, nu pot sa cred. multumesc mult, Adela! fetelor, chiar trebuie sa continuati sa participati pentru ca la un moment dat veti avea parte de o surpriza. asa cum am avut eu cand am vazut….yeeey. e prima oara cand castig la un giveaway! multumesc si la multi ani tuturor pentru astazi! imediat iti trimit si e-mail. Milena

  74. Priya, i had tried this recipe last evening and kept munching the ladoos till late in the night… it was totally yummy and i wanted to thank you for the delicious recipe with healthy components… 🙂 hats off to you dear

  75. Mulla on koko setti CC:tä: meikkivoide (tai sellainen jööti peiteväri), kivipuuteri ja ripsari. Tykkään kaikista, peittää hyvin punakan ja epätasaisen ihoni mutta kuitenkin kevyesti, ei tule maskeerattu olo. Ripsarista tykkään myös, värjää kunnolla mutta ei paakkuunnu. Tosin ei kestä kosteita säitä kuten tuossa yllä mainittiinkin.

  76. Cher arroseur, quel besoin avez vous d’insulter un type qui ne fait qu’apporter son point de vue et son expérience pour contribuer au débat ? Je ne comprends pas votre attitude haineuse. Si vous avez besoin de vous défouler, allez taper dans un sac de frappe ou aboyer après les voitures.

  77. I absolutely adore “shittrumpet” (not to be confused with adoring a shittrumpet, which I do not). I do plan to incorporate that one into my own personal vocabulary, and I very much appreciate the introduction to such a fun, new word.

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